Ethereum based Start-up asks Sex workers asked to Disclose Congressmen client list

Ethereum based Start-up asks Sex workers asked to Disclose Congressmen client list reported that a start-up had offered $25,000 to sex offers for disclosing the names of Congressmen using their services. The Ethereum based start-up will be paying the first ten sex workers who will show up to reveal the information. The firm is trying to chalk out members of Congress who voted to pass FOSTA, Fight Against Online Sex Trafficking Act, but are using these services themselves.

SpankChain is one of the many start-ups focused on ‘sex on the blockchain” and launched its ICO in October. The firm is trying to ease out the troublesome payment system in the adult industry by using the blockchain technology.

The vote of ninety-seven senators passed FOSTA in March and president will take a final decision this week. The FOSTA-SESTA bill is a mashup that incorporates the characters of SESTA, Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act. The bill was taken into consideration as an anti-sex trafficking measure.

The bill was opposed by sex workers and online activists as they accused that it will provide more liability to websites for their users’ actions on its platform. It will also endanger sex workers instead of helping real victims of human trafficking.

The industry has seen repercussions after FOSTA was passed in the Senate. Craiglist removed the personal section from its website while Google drive has come up with stricter guidelines on sexual content.

Co-founder of SpankChain and adult entertainer Janice Griffith said that the company is still uncertain about its actions after gathering the hidden information. The company insiders will discuss about publishing the information with the person who provided it.

She said, “ We hopefully plan to utilize information gathered for leverage against elected officials whose political motives are hypocritical and selfish; pushing legislation that endangers instead of protecting–outlawing and putting the same people they purchase services and time from at risk.”

On the other hand, Kate D’Adamo, an advocate of sex worker-rights, claims that SpankChain’s initiative can potentially harm the industry. She is skeptical on the idea as it seems like SpankChain is “capitalizing on the stigma of the sex trade and using it to shame someone, while not caring about the collateral damage that this kind of thing does to sex worker rights.” SpankChain is not different from a political reward-money stunt pulled out by Larry Flynt in the 90’s.

It will be using either USD or Ethereum for paying people for their support. It acknowledges SESTA as hypocrisy of corrupt representatives who work against people for making their own choices.

The blockchain is entering the adult industry via payment modes and data collection. A report in suggests that blockchain is being used for pornography, by strippers, dating websites and sexual offerings.  Its anonymity has been the major reason for its popularity in the adult industry.

As of now, SpankChain’s idea has received faced mixed reactions as some of the supporters feel discontent with government’s policies.  If the president signs the bill this week, SpankChain will be left with lots of negative publicity.

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