Can Bulwark Takeover as the Next Big POS/Masternode based Cryptocurrency?

The concept of rewarding network operators or in other words, miners, through masternodes is a concept that existed since Dash first brought it to light.

And looking to perfect it is Bulwark by bringing about changes that most wouldn’t expect or be brave enough to do. Here’s a brief on the things the team is working on.

What is Bulwark?

Bulwark like Bitcoin or Dash is a digital currency. It’s a fork of PIVX and is still in the initial stages as it was started only in December 2017. Currently, it hasn’t even been released on some of the biggest exchanges like Binance etc.

But what’s impressive about their project is their ideology and community-involvement. Bulwark aims to develop real-world applications for its platform through not just software upgrading or coin mixing but hardware changes to and here are some of their plans for it.

A Secure Home Node

For anyone with a high-speed internet connection, it’s the easiest way to set up the master node through their home network as it takes just 10-15 minutes. It’s available on the Bulwark site for $100 USD which can only be paid in BWK tokens.

Since it’s an open source node, all required software is available free for download and allows the community to develop stuff in order to improve it.

The Hardware Wallet

While there are plenty of other hardware wallets to choose from, the Bulwark Hardware Wallet is sure to attract interest mainly because it is an open source wallet. This means the power lies in the hands of the community rather than just one single company.

Home Router

With the Home router, you get 100% control over your privacy (just the way we like it, right?). To ensure this, the traffic is directed through the onion router and you can reap the benefits of the home node without any privacy issues cropping up.

How to Get in on the action:

Setup A Masternode

Masternodes are profitable and I mean really profitable. They currently have a return rate of 160% which means you can earn back those collateral 5000 BWK tokens within the coming 8-9 months.

And considering during bull these master nodes required a payment of around $70,000 at a current price of just $4000, it’s sure a worthy investment.

Stake some coins

Don’t have 5000 BWK tokens for a masternode? Well, you can still stake your tokens using any of your private wallets on your home network. The proof of stake protocol of Bulwark means you get rewarded for approving transactions on the network, just like a miner (as with Bitcoin), except here you save the extra cost of any additional hardware or electricity.

Get in on the team

Looking for a job as a developer or a marketer. Bulwark could be the answer to your search. Apart from that, other ways to contribute is by helping spread the word about Bulwark through your blog or YouTube channel.


The upcoming few months are going to be telling in respect to Bulwark. Yup, it might sound exciting but like we’ve recently found out, the crypto market can be quite unpredictable so make sure you’re only investing money you’re willing to risk.

Source Article: Privacy is the Future of CryptoCurrencies — is this the next Best Privacy Focused POS/Masternode Cryptocurrency?

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